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WTD - Working Together for Development

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CEE CN is one of the partners for a project WTD – Working Together for Development:

A new challenge for local authorities associations and civil society networks.

WTD - Working Together for Development is a multi-annual development project designed by the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) in cooperation with 21 international partners and associates coming from 16 different countries of the enlarged Europe. The project lasts 30 months and involves both Associations of Local Authorities and NGO networks, and aims at improving their capacities to act as development agents in and outside Europe, in partnership with European and national institutions.

To learn more about the project please visit  www.wtd-alda.eu.

WTD Alliance Trainings on Decentralized Cooperation
and European Development Days 2012
15th–18th October 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Chuck Hirt and Lucian Zuleanu represented CEE CN during the events organised in Bruxelles by the WTD Alliance (15th, 16th and 18th October 2012) and by the European Commission (16th and 17th October).
In the framework of the EU-funded project „WTD- Working Together for Development. 
A new challenge for Local Authorities Associations and Civil Society Networks”, ALDA (Association of Local Democracy Agencies) in partnership with 21 international partners and associates coming from 16 different countries of the enlarged Europe, including our network, organized different events.

At the Region Puglia (Italy) liaisson office from Brussels, The WTD Alliance organised First Training on Decentralised Cooperation (15th and 18th October 2012). As a preview, Mr. Jimmy Magro, Executive Secretary of the Local Councils' Association of Malta, has been elected by the Members of WTD Alliance present in Brussels as co-chair of the Alliance for LAs. The Alliance is still looking for a candidate to represent Civil Society. During the training in Brussels we had the opportunity to go through the draft call for re-granting including the suggestions received by the participants of the training. Over 25 participants, representing Local Administrations (LAs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) coming from 13 different countries of the enlarged Europe (Georgia, Kosovo, Turkey, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Malta, Belgium).

phoca thumb l wtd training on decentralized cooperation (10) At Tour&Taxis Buiding Brussels The WTD Alliance organised WTD creative caffé session during the E.D.D. 2012 (16th October 2012, http://www.wtd-alda.eu/index.htm , http://www.wtd-alda.eu/gallery_dett4.php ), a creative laboratory conceived as a learning café session aiming at brainstorming and proposing recommendations integrating the contributions of experts and practitioners on the advantages of creating synergies between LAs and CSOs in development cooperation. The activity was structured in a dynamic and creative way, which allowed not only experts but also practitioners to have a tangible contribution to the formulations of recommendations. WTD learning café led to the formulation of recommendations responding to 5 key themes identified as the main features characterizing the joint involvement of Las and CSOs in development cooperation processes. There was high interest in the workshop, more that 70 participants attended it, and it was a great success for ALDA and the WTD project.
During the European Development Days (E.D.D.) 2012 (http://eudevdays.eu/ ), the CEE CN representatives participated at different conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings. The EDD is Europe’s premier forum on international affairs and development cooperation. It is a unique platform for a EUR 60-billion development industry with partners and activities in all corners of the globe. It brings some 6 000 people and 1 500 organisations from the development community together on an equal footing, in a true spirit of partnership.