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Our donors

Main donors:

C.S. Mott Foundation

European Commission


Other donors:

Open Society Foundation Slovakia

Open Society Foundation BiH

Open Society Foundation Croatia

Freedom House

German Marshall Fund

Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development - Intercooperation

Municipality Laktasi, Bosnia and Hercegovina

European Agency for Reconstruction

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

UNDP Gender Unit

International Visegrad Fund


Members and other contributions:

C.E.G.A. - Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives, Bulgaria

Centers for Civic Initiatives, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Center for Civil Initiatives, Croatia

Center for Community Organizing, Czech Republic

Center for Community Organizing, Slovakia

Citizens Foundation, Russia

Civic Initiatives, Serbia

CRONO, Romania

Hungarian Association for Community Development, Hungary

International Association "Civitas Georgica", Georgia

MILLENNIUM - Association for Education and Research, Armenia

Romanian Association for Community Development, Romania

The Estonian NGO Roundtable, Estonia

Agora CE o.p.s., Czech Republic

NGOs Support Centre OWOP, Poland

Paul Cromwell, ECON


Our Partners:

Community Partners, USA

UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge, USA

Combined European Bureau for Social Development

Association of the Local Democracy Agencies - ALDA

Pan European E-participation Network