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Representative Team (RT)

Representative Team (RT)


The Representative Team consists of one delegate from each member country. If there are more than two member organizations from one country, they can have two representatives in the Representative Team. This group meets once a year and have the opportunity to share experiences and suggest ideas for the future development of the Network.

Coordinating Team (CT)



A 5-member Coordinating Team provides a decision making structure of the Network. The Coordinating Team meets twice a year to carry out this role and utilizes e-mail communication to conduct more regular business.

In 2012 Coordinating Team worked in the following composition:

Elena Shomina, RTA Russia
Mirela Despotovic, CCI Croatia
Mate Varga, HACD and CCF, Hungary
Chuck Hirt, CCO Slovakia
Anna Karailieva, CEE CN Coordinator

Director of CEE CN - Chuck Hirt

In addition to serving on the Coordinating Team, Chuck has agreed to hold the position of Director on a voluntary basis